"A finales de 1876, el profesor Franz Boll (1849-1879) descubrió que la capa externa de la retina posee un color púrpura. Halló que esta superficie se blanqueaba al ser expuesta a la luz, pero retomaba su color original en la oscuridad. Este color púrpura, que Boll llamó sehpurpur (púrpura del ojo), desaperece inmediatamente después de la muerte"

martes, 8 de abril de 2014

[Everybody wants to be your friend]

   You've been on your own as long as I recall:
   if loneliness was art, I could hang you from the wall
   in some Berlin hall.
   It doesn't matter where you've been or who you have
   been with, it's like the just Joans said: 'you're oh so
   sensitive!', in that jumper, in that t-shirt.
   This situation has to change: can you feel the pulse
   my heavy heart race?
When I'm all alone I find a map of the world 
zoom in on your island 'til the pixels form have some booze, 'til I can't see you.
We make believe that our hearts are never shot
and somehow you've convinced me that I'm pretty when I'm not.
Everybody I know wants to be your friend but I just want to hold you when the music ends,
that's all, all I ask. Is that too crass?

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