"A finales de 1876, el profesor Franz Boll (1849-1879) descubrió que la capa externa de la retina posee un color púrpura. Halló que esta superficie se blanqueaba al ser expuesta a la luz, pero retomaba su color original en la oscuridad. Este color púrpura, que Boll llamó sehpurpur (púrpura del ojo), desaperece inmediatamente después de la muerte"

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

A figure in a blue dress

When I was younger, I saw a woman walking down the street near my house. I vividly remember her dress… she looked like a blue bird, a beautiful bird flying over the sidewalk. I tried to get closer to her, but she ran away so quickly… I couldn’t see her anymore, but I was able to catch from the ground a little piece of her blue dress… (she probably never knew her dress had a tire in it…). And now, when I feel lonely, I imagine flying with that piece of wing so far away from here, and I smile inwardly.

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